Diabetes can be difficult to manage. You are not alone. Millions of people are living with diabetes and facing the same questions and challenges you are. But with the support of your diabetes care team, controlling your diabetes and achieving your goals is possible!


Our program

Roper St. Francis Healthcare, in conjunction with Boeing, has developed a comprehensive program called myDIABETES-Boeing to help you navigate the journey of living well with diabetes.

In addition to your Roper St. Francis Physician Partners Primary Care provider, we have developed the following support services for Boeing team members and their spouses living with diabetes:

  • Diabetic education classes through Roper St. Francis Healthcare Diabetes Treatment Center.
  • Complimentary virtual visit with a pharmacist to discuss your medication.
  • Opportunity to work with our nurse practitioner and health coach, Jill White DNP, for ongoing support.
  • Access to a series of complimentary educational videos (listed below) that have been prepared with Boeing teammates and spouses in mind.
  • Complimentary diabetes self-management guidebook: Control Your Diabetes For Life.

If you are interested in taking advantage of any of these support options, please reach out to your Roper St. Francis Physician Partners Primary Care provider.


man jogging

Being Active video

 man doing yoga

Healthy Coping video

 asian couple cooking

Healthy Eating video

 diabetes monitoring

Monitoring video

 doctor and patient

Problem Solving video

 man's gut

Reducing Risk video

 woman holding a pill

Taking Medication video

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